EBT program changes, effective immediately

Historically, the market manager has processed EBT through a token system. This summer, our agreement was under review as part of the renewal process. The program determined that the individual business owners should be processing the EBT themselves.

Per the program’s instructions, the market manager discontinued the token program in early August announced it on social media. If a person still has tokens, we are more than happy to accept them, we just won’t be able to issue any new tokens.

This new system is more convenient to the customer, because they do not have to find the market manager to conduct a second transaction, they can just make their transaction with the individual business. The individual businesses have to apply to participate in the EBT program. The vendor who has communicated that they will be participating so far is Iggy’s in Convenience, whose name is soon changing to The Landing at City Market.

Another program we have at the market is the Double Up Food Bucks program. The Fair Food Network matches the first $20 spent on non-prepared food any given day. Due to having only a few weeks remaining in their season, we are not able to make the change from a token system to a digital system this year. We are happy to report that for next year, when EBT purchases are made, customers will find an additional digital account on their EBT cards, specifically for Double Up Food Bucks. So again, we can accept tokens, we just can’t issue any new tokens through these last few weeks of the season.

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