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Today's Special Program: Add a TSP of knowledge to your life!

FREE program every Tuesday at 5:00pm!!!!

Today’s Special Program (TSP) is a program at the Market which is geared towards adults. Each week we feature a different nutrition and wellness topic helping participants “Add a tsp of knowledge” to their lives. Subjects such as how to cook for a low sodium diet, portion sizes, mindful eating, and more will be discussed and accompanied with a food demo and delicious sampling.

Upcoming TSP Dates & Topics

April 22: Earthy Herbs - Experimenting with different herbs can make boring dishes unique!

April 29Make Beans the Base of your Meal - It can be convient to keep beans on hand and get a filling meal that's great for your palate, health, and wallet!

May 6: Achieve the benefits of Asparagus - There is more than meets the eye with asparagus. Not just meant to take the side, with our recipe, asparagus can be the highlight of your meal.

May 13: Become Ravishing with Radishes - Radishes aren't for everyone raw, but glazed radishes can liven this root vegetable up after you take it home.

May 20: Rake in Rhubarb- Wondering what you should do with that extra rhubarb after making a pie. We have the trick with this week's TSP recipe being a rhubarb salsa.

May 27: Strive with Strawberries- Most people can't turn down a strawberry, but it can be difficult to make sure you use them all up before they go bad. Discover a new way bring strawberries onto you plate and out of your fridge.