The Market has plenty for cheese and beer lovers

The Market has plenty for cheese and beer lovers

Hills Cheese has close to 100 cheese varieties, so we like to put the spotlight on a few cheeses to get you familiar with their selection. First up is a raclette from France. Raclette is a great cheese to use in fondue, but you can also use it on a raclette grill, which melts the cheese right in the middle of your table. You can have one large raclette grill for sharing or one with individual plates on which slices of raclette are melted. Once the raclette is melted, it is scraped onto a plate and is often paired with the traditional potatoes; pickles, such as cornichons; and pickled vegetables. However, the sky is the limit with the pairings and include all kinds of meats, blanched vegetables, apples, pears, apricots, figs, mango, and papaya. You can make a meal out of it by pairing it with some side dishes, such as salads.

Raclette – unpasteurized, from France, $16.99/lb.

Next up is an Applewood-smoked cheddar from England. This cheese is an excellent choice for barbecued dishes, grilled cheeses, paninis, bacon dishes, dressing up a basic sandwich, homemade mac ‘n’ cheese, and burgers. They can also provide an unexpected twist to a quiche. Shred or dice the cheese and toss it into an egg mixture with ham or bacon, onions, mushrooms, and broccoli or spinach. Bake it in the oven at 325 degrees until the eggs are set/firm to the touch.

Applewood-smoked cheddar – from England, $14.99/lb

Also great with barbecue is Beemster’s mild gouda, a mellow, rich, savory, and creamy-sweet semi-soft cheese. It is great in small slices on a barbecue chicken pizza or any kind of barbecue sandwich. It is also delicious on ham or grilled cheese sandwiches and as a snack with apples (especially green!), sweet fruits, and crudites.

Beemster mild gouda – from the Netherlands, $9.69/lb

The Waterfront Bar and Grill has put a fall twist in their ever-rotating draft list this week, with Southern Tier Pumpking and Sam Adam’s Oktoberfest. Beer lovers can rejoice with the specials when the Waterfront hosts their Fall Kick-Off Party on October 4th at 7:30 pm. All pints of Sam Adam’s Oktoberfest, Sam Adam’s Boston Lager, Traveler Jack-O Shandy, and Angry Orchard will be only $3. There will be a pumpkin-carving contest, stein hoisting contest, and giveaways thanks to sponsor, Dan Henry Distributing.

Can’t make it to the party? Almost all drinks are $1 off during happy hour every day, and Coors Light and Miller Light pints are only $2.50 during MSU and Lions games.

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